Maintenance Tips

This checklist covers basic, necessary maintenance items for most homes.

  • Protect your frozen pipes. The winter weather is brutal on the home and property. The pipes can become frozen and cause major problems. The fall season is the best time to ensure the life span of your pipes.
  • Test emergency generator. The generator provides power in emergency situations. Power outages occur quite in the winter months. The generator needs to be properly tested. The testing will ensure power when it is needed. The plug and all components should be tested for its effectiveness.
  • Run all lawn powered equipment until the fuel is gone. Fuel that sits to long in equipment can ruin the equipment. Old fuel erodes the components of the equipment. After the fall season most or all equipment will not be used to the following year.
  • Remove bird nests from chimneys and outside electrical fixtures – Bird nests in chimneys that are used in the winter months can catch fire. Smoke debris and debris such as bird nests will cause damage to your home and chimney.
  • Remove screens and install storm windows. The upcoming seasons such as spring and summer bring out the worst storms. Your home and windows need to be protected before the winter cold settles in, is the perfect time to prepare your windows and home.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts. Gutters and downspouts can become clogged with debris and gunk. These should be cleaned once a year. This will prevent clogging.
  • Check all outlets. Non-properly working outlets will lead to a fire. Fire to a home is devastating outlets need to be thoroughly checked by an electrician to ensure they are properly working.
  • Replace your furnace filter. The furnace filter provides quality performance for your home. A dirty filter cannot properly filter the dirt in the furnace.
  • Check the water heater. Do you hate cold showers? Not many people are too fond of them.

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