Our Story

In 1983, a wise, humble, tenacious man applied the coveted values of an Army Veteran (1967-1969 Vietnam, 101st Airborne, 326th Combat Engineer Battalion) to the Building Industry.

His Goal Was Simple

To create a committed family of employees who deliver on the opportunity to live the American dream and become an extension of our family.

David Bombach, Founder of Saratoga Homes, has committed his heart and soul to our country, our freedom, and to the homes of Americans. At Saratoga Homes we work to develop subdivisions, parks, and communities, but we live to help develop families, lifestyles, and homes of Americans everywhere!

David Bombach built his very first home in 1967

The Battles of Saratoga were a great turning point of the American Revolutionary War, because it won foreign assistance which was the last element needed for American victory. This is why Saratoga was chosen as the name of what is now the #1 Trusted builder in Texas!

In 1983, the Hourigans gifted the Bombach’s $2,500 to start up Saratoga Homes.