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Construction Manager

Job Type: Construction Manager

Job Location: Houston, TX

The Construction Manager (CM) is responsible for supervising the construction of homes from building permit through final customer inspection, based upon an established schedule and within an established budget that must meet Saratoga Homes’ specifications and standards of quality.


The Construction Manager (CM) is responsible for supervising the construction of homes from building permit through final customer inspection, based upon an established schedule and within an established budget that must meet Saratoga Homes’ specifications and standards of quality.


Field management:

  • Provide oversight and direction on a daily basis to assigned Field Technician (FT) staff.
  • Train and supervise personnel on the specifications and standards of quality required in constructing and detailing a Saratoga Home.
  • Focus training on quality standards, costs and time frame parameters.
  • Review Foundation and Slab Lists
  • Review Structural Lists
  • Review Pre-walk Inspection List
  • Review Duty Roster and other lists as appropriate
  • Provide time sheets on field personnel in a timely manner to Controller.
  • Provide accurate schedules for each job closing as requested.
  • Provide answers on customer progress payment dates as requested.
  • Coordinate with supervisor the on-site inspection of Foreman’s job sites.
  • Walk homes on a weekly basis to ensure proper and timely flow of construction. Identify possible labor constraints and work to reduce or eliminate work stoppages.
  • Review 50% of all homes before field orientation to ensure that homes are complete and within Saratoga Homes’ quality standards.
  • When necessary, consult with the appropriate supervisor regarding problems or questions relating to either customer relations; subcontractor management or personnel matters.

Customer Relations:

  • Maintain good relationship with the customer during casual job site encounters and filed orientations.
  • Insure that all communications with the customer are relayed back to the Marketing Manager on a timely basis.

Subcontractor Management:

  • Schedule and supervise subcontractors on all homes in all phases; coordinate with Purchasing & Estimating Department.
  • Reiterate quality and schedule requirements with subcontractors before work begins and then monitor these requirements while work is in progress.
  • Answer all questions of the subcontractors an suppliers pertaining to plans, specifications and standards of quality.
  • Inspect all work to insure that work is on schedule and that work complies with Saratoga Homes’ specifications and quality standards.
  • Ensure the job runs smoothly and productively in transitioning from subcontractor to subcontractor.
  • Approve office purchase orders for payment to subcontractors and suppliers on a timely basis.


  • Order and secure all applicable municipal and other governmental inspections;
  • Maintain a good working relationship with municipalities (i.e. city and federal inspectors, water, gas and electric companies as well).
  • Maintain appropriate safety measures in accordance with Saratoga Homes’ construction methods and practices.
  • Warranty Service and Customer Service Process:
  • Evaluate and recommend solutions to warranty service problems requested by Customer Service Department in accordance with the Saratoga Homes Warranty Standards.
  • Actively assist Customer Service Department in coordinating contractors and / or suppliers.
  • Assign Field Technicians to perform promptly, thoroughly, and satisfactorily all assigned warranty service work as necessary.
  • Provide accurate status to Customer Service Department regarding warranty service work in progress, yet to be completed, or completed.

Purchasing and Estimating Process:

  • Check materials received for quality and correct quantities providing utility measurements and material counts as requested.
  • Provide feedback on inaccuracies/problems/alternatives on construction plans when necessary.
  • Provide Purchasing Manager with feedback (both positive and negative) regarding contractors’ and suppliers’ performance.
  • Solicit potential subcontractors and suppliers; advise supervisor if potential candidates are identified.
  • Request Purchasing Manager to change and/or add a contractor or supplier in situations where current one does not comply with Saratoga Homes’ standards.
  • Request price analysis in order to determine feasibility of special requirements/projects/equipment, as needed.

Sales Process:

  • Provide answers to a customer regarding concerns or questions, as requested (24 hour turnaround).
  • Relay content of any discussions with a customer to the appropriate Marketing Manager.
  • Provide field information for changes when appropriate or requested.
  • Provide informal status reports on the progress of a home, as requested.

First Impressions:

  • To upkeep the model home park which the Construction Manager is assigned.
  • Work closely with Marketing Manager to guarantee a positive first impression to each home inside and outside. Respond in a timely manner to all directives received via written memo, pertaining to any action required for maintenance of model homes, sales center and community first impression. Insure work is completed promptly.
  • Maintain overall job site cleanliness in accordance with Saratoga Homes’ construction methods and practices.
  • Saratoga Corporate Management Group (SCMG) Areas of Responsibility at the Division Level:
  • Using the SCMG Areas of Responsibility Chart (illustrated below) at the Division Level, each area has a Primary, Secondary and Tertiary responsible parties. This chart clearly states a chain of responsibility should someone need to fill an Area of Responsibility. In the event, the Tertiary level is triggered; the Project Manager will determine who shall step into that Area of Responsibility. It is understood that each employee will be capable of filling and managing each of the stated Areas of Responsibility.

Areas of Responsibility

Construction Manager Primary Foreman Secondary Junior Estimator Secondary Purchasing Agent Secondary Field Tech Tertiary


Continuous growth in the knowledge of the business & industry as it relates to the new home construction process and building regulations. Explore new methods and process optimization both within the home-building industry and outside which may be applied to the Saratoga Homes’ Best Practices Process for improving the customer’s or visitor’s experience and bottom line financial results desired by the company.

Job Type: Full-time


Required education:
  • Bachelor’s

Required experience:

  • Construction Management: 1 year

Required language:

  • Spanish

Required licenses or certifications:

  • Truck
  • Basic Tools

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