Home Buying FAQ’s

You are not alone and we provide Basics and our Finance Tools to get you the most relevant and concise information you need to get started. Experience Saratoga Home’s Signature Service with a personal expert to get answers regarding new home financing in today’s climate. Let us put you in contact so that you can get answers from a Mortgage Financing Advisor with no obligation.

Owning a New Home vs Renting

Owning a New Home
  • Tax benefits
  • Room to grow
  • Great for kids and pets
  • Make your house your own
  • Great communities to choose from
  • Increased storage space
  • Your own backyard
  • Accomplishing the American Dream
  • NO Tax benefits
  • NO Room to grow
  • NO Investment value
  • Pets not always allowed
  • Stuck with landlords choices
  • Limited apartment availability
  • Little to no storage space
  •  Not often your own backyard

Buying a New Home vs Buying a Resale Home

Buying a New Home
  • You choose your floor plan
  • New home, new everything
  • Make modifications to suit your needs and wants
  • You DESERVE a fresh start!
Buying a USED Home
  • Outdated, non-efficient floor plans
  • Inherited problems may exist
  • Outdated interior and exterior designs